Unlike other Vmware vSphere™ disaster recovery solutions vfailover does not need a manual failover plan created and maintained. vfailover gathers all the information necessary to failover your virtual machines to your second datacenter automatically. The benefit for your business is that everything necessary to bring your applications up and running again will be set as it was before. Data integrity is guarantied by HDS replication technology and configuration integrity is guarantied by vfailover.

Depending on the type of failover vfailover takes other sources to reapply all configuration settings:

Maintenance Activity

  • Online
  • Vmware vSphere™ database
  • Collected and verfied during runtime

Disaster Recovery

  • Offline
  • Xml files
  • Created during vfailover config mode

Here is a short overview of the configuration settings that vfailover reapplies:

  • Vmware vSphere™ HA and DRS cluster settings
  • Virtual Machine attributes
  • Datastore general settings like Storage IO Control
  • Datastore and Virtual Machine folder structures
  • Resource Group structures
  • Datastore heartbeat configuration
  • Virtual Machine Device setup like Raw Devices and Virtual Distributed Switch config