vfailover supports you whenever you need to move your virtual environment to your second data center during planned maintenance activities. It gathers the actual configuration from your fully operational Vmware vSphere™ environment to automatically reapply all cluster, data store and virtual machine settings after failover.

Overview of the most important settings that vfailover reapplies:
  • Cluster HA and DRS configuration
  • Virtual machine attributes
  • Virtual machine device configuration (Network, Disk Mapping, etc..)
  • Data store heartbeat setup
  • Data store attributes
  • Virtual machine and Data store folder structure

You could choose wether to run the "maintenance activity" mode with SilentMode ON or OFF. SilentMode ON is good if you want vfailover to failback if an unpredictable issue occurs at any stage. If an issue occurs with SilentMode OFF the user is asked to decide what will happen next.

SilentMode OFF

SilentMode ON