• 1

    vfailover supports Vmware vSphere™ metro and dispersed HA cluster solutions.

  • 2

    vfailover smoothly integrates into every existing Vmware vSphere™ solution.

  • 3

    vfailover creates the failover plan automatically. No manual failover plan needed.

  • 4

    vfailover builds the storage replication setup automatically. No separate HDS HORCM instance management.

  • 5

    vfailover allows your Vmware departement to have full control of their disaster recovery solution.

  • 6

    vfailover adds end-to-end monitoring from the virtual machine down to the storage replication.

  • 7

    vfailover keeps you informed so that your Vmware vSphere™ environment stays disaster recovery ready.

  • 8

    vfailover allows you to recover your virtual machine settings.

  • 9

    vfailover recognizes all changes within your Vmware vSphere™ environment automatically.

  • 10

    vfailover enables you to failover your fully operational Vmware vSphere™ environment during planned maintenance activities.